Yeah. ;-; Im really hoping Im gonna get it sorted out soon, ehhhh.. D: Im kinda scared Im gonna have like three weeks of work to catch up on if I do get put into the oceans class, because Im not totally sure how the online courses work or if having a snow day means no work in that course for the day, or if Id still have it or what. ;o; Hopefully the answer is no, because that way I have way less work to catch up on. ;u;

I wish that this work to rule thing just wasnt happening, honestly, because if it wasnt I feel like I probably wouldve had my schedule sorted out a long time ago. :/ Ah well though I guess, hopefully tomorrow Ill finally get it sorted out. .3.

Anyway, Id write more here tonight, but its already almost ten PM, and I think I still have a chemistry sheet to do before I go to bed, so Im gonna get off for tonight. qoq

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and Ill try to get more written here then! ;o;

Good night guys! ;u;